Langley Locksmith Security AlertI have been to many jobs where the client is very upset because they have been ripped off.

These fraudulent, so called "locksmiths", advertise $15, $20, $25 and $35 service calls with 15 - 20 minute response times. Customers are quoted a low price just to get the job and then end up paying so much more ($150 job turns into a $1200 job). Security Programs Division, which is the government entity that regulates locksmiths, and the police are aware of the problem. However, there is little that they can do to stop it. 

Hint: A big clue you're speaking to a fraudulent locksmith is if they refuse to give a quote for jobs over the phone, regardless of how simple of a job it may be. Their phone number also changes quite often. Don't let their flashy website(s) fool you <-- In September, 2017 their ad states "Voted #1 Locksmith in Langley". They will say anything to get your business. Don't be fooled. Only hire licensed and insured locksmiths.

The best advise I can give you when talking to a locksmith on the phone, let him/her know that you will want to see their "valid" locksmith licence when they arrive. Then search their company name or licence number to verify what they tell you on the phone. Any legitimate locksmith will give you their licence number.

My licence number for A.G. Lock & Key is: B2605

Click this link to verify my license now:

Note: When performing the search enter my license number: B2605. If you search using my company name, it must be spelled exactly as: A.G. Lock & Key (ensure the periods and "&" sign are present and there are no blank spaces) or it won't show up. 

When you search my license number using the link above it will bring up two very important things: my company name and the name of the licensed locksmith (me). 

Don't accept any excuses about not being able to produce a valid locksmith licence.

As a licensed locksmith I'm required by Security Programs to carry my locksmith licence anytime I'm acting in the capacity as a locksmith. Make sure you ask to see the locksmith's "security business licence" when they arrive and if something doesn't seem right or the price has gone up for no good reason, send them away immediately.